Belmopan City Council – The Offices and Location

If you happen to live in Belmopan then understanding where the Belmopan City Council is located and what offices or departments exist is very important.

In terms of location, the Belmopan City Council it is located at 36/38 Trinity Blvd near Independence Park.  It is within Ring Road and can best be seen in Google maps.

The Belmopan City Council have many offices.  The office are shown in the picture below.

Belmopan City Council

You can see a list of the office in the image above but we also include information below about those offices as well.

  1. Reception – For general inquiries
  2. Administration and Human Resource – Personal inquiries and appointments. This department can be contacted through the reception office.
  3. Accounts Department – Disbursement of payments
  4. Cashier – Collection of payments here
  5. Revenue Department – Information and bills on property tax, liquor license, garbage fees & market rentals.  See reception to contact this department.
  6. Valuation Department – Land transfers and building applications
  7. Municipal Managers Office – Garbage and debris collection, septic disposal and bushy lots.
  8. Sanitation Directors Office – Administrative matters and sanitation projects.
  9. Public Relations and Events – Booking of City Council facilities and events
  10. Engineering Department – Roads, drainage and bridges
  11. Local Economic Development Department, Business Support Desk – Public Private Partnerships, general assistance to businesses
  12. Office of the Transport Manager – Administrative matters and transport wardens
  13. Transport Department – Motor vehicle registration, licensing, transfers and driver’s license.

If you need to contact any of these offices it is probably easiest to just call the Belmopan City Council’s general office number – 501-822-2271 or 501-822-2319 – and ask for the department that you need to contact or you can visit their website for additional information.