Best Yoga Retreats in Belize To Host Your Yoga Group

Namaste from beautiful Belize, where you’ll find everything you need to host a truly transformative yoga experience. If you’re thinking about planning your yoga retreat, you’ll need the right site and to know where the best yoga retreats in Belize are located. From north to south, mainland to island, there are plenty of options to choose from in Belize. We’ve gone ahead and narrowed it down to three resorts that we feel have tremendous potential. So, when you’re ready to take some time off and take your yoga practice to the next level, consider hosting your next yoga retreat in Belize at these four incredible seaside resorts.

Mainland: Naia Resort and Spa – a beautiful setting, close to Placencia village, onsite yoga studio

At Naia Resort and Spa you’ll find an ideal space to embark on a journey to health and healing. From six acres of flowering plant grove, 35 strikingly modern and elegant beach houses and treetop villas have sprouted. The full-service spa made up of 5 individual suites built over water, a fitness and yoga studio and three restaurants round out the incredible array of services available. Yogis and guests of any culinary predilection can satisfy their taste buds with meals that incorporate native Belize flavors, organic produce, and seasonal ingredients. There’s no reason why you can’t also explore the beach or the grounds for a lovely outdoor, fresh air yoga session. For a yoga retreat that incorporates the outdoors, massage therapy, food, and the beauty of modern, minimalist design, then Naia Resort is your choice.

Private Island: Ray Caye Island Resort – for a full, immersive yoga experience

If solitude and quiet meditation is what you’re after and you’re ready to go off the grid, then set your sails for Ray Caye Island Resort. Ray Caye is a unique whole island rental and private resort off the coast of Belize. Insulated from large tourist crowds, they also have a fully sustainable solar energy grid, a restaurant, and soft, sandy beach. And if you thought yoga was good for you, turns out yoga on the beach has additional benefits, everything from stabilizing and strengthening your core, to grounding and a dose of sunshine to boot. Hot tip! A yoga studio is also currently in the works. If you’re looking for an opportunity to deepen your yoga practice through quiet reflection, while experiencing a true private island retreat, then Ray Caye Island Resort is for you.

Island: Grand Caribe Belize – island living with modern, luxury amenities, fitness center, spa services and more

Grand Caribe is another seaside resort based on the island of Ambergris Caye that offers a full range of services to visitors. Luxury condos with up to five bedrooms and full kitchens are ideal for hosting group retreats. A conference room for lectures and a fully equipped gym or private deck for indoor/outdoor yoga and meditation sessions will stimulate both the mind and body. Here, helpful staff can also help you plan a myriad number of relaxing activities to help you stay grounded while enjoying the outdoors — everything from sailing, beachside massages, snorkeling, and seaside sunrise salutations. If your goal is to build a community of like-minded yogis all while exploring the many healing benefits of yoga with others, then you’ll want to make this resort a top choice for hosting your next Belize yoga retreat.

Jungle Adventures via Viva Belize

Belize adventure toursBlack Howler Money at The Community Baboon Sanctuary 

Viva Belize offers a wide range of  Belize Adventure tours and activities for all ages. Jungle Activities are challenging yet fun and very educational as they give visitors a full history lesson of Belize and also enlightens tourists of the current.

Viva Belize offer tour from : Almond Beach, Jaguar Reef Lodge, Villa Margarita , Villa Mirador, Belize Tree House and Sleeping Giant Lodge

Premium Tours Include:

Belize Zoo and Baboon Sanctuary ExperienceIntensity – Easy

The Belize Zoo is 29 acres of tropical savanna and exhibits over 125 native animals.
A large population of Black Howler Monkeys locally known as baboons are protected in a nature preserve called The Community Baboon Sanctuary as a result all other flora and fauna in this area are preserved as well. The Belize Zoo and Baboon Sanctuary Experience is available from: Sleeping Giant Lodge

St. Herman’s Cave Tubing Adventure Intensity – Easy

After arriving at the Blue Hole National Park there is a 20 minute hike to the entrance of St Herman’s cave . Enjoy the exciting river journey floating on inner tubes through the caves guided by head lamps to light your way. St.Herman’s Cave Tubing Adventure is available from: Almond Beach, Jaguar Reef Lodge, Villa Margarita , Villa Mirador and Sleeping Giant Lodge

Belize Zoo and Jungle Zip-line – Intensity – Moderate

After visiting over 125 native animals at the Belize Zoo, soar through the jungle canopy and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Belize rain fores. The Belize Zoo and Jungle Zip-line Adventure is available from:  Sleeping Giant Lodge

Sleeping Giant Ceremonial Cave Expedition Intensity – Moderate

The cave is located behind the Sleeping Giant Lodge, reserve for Viva Belize Guests. The cave was used by ancient Mayas for religious ceremonies and rituals featuring geological formations and crystal curtains and columns. Sleeping Giant Ceremonial Cave Expedition is available from: Almond Beach, Jaguar Reef Lodge, Villa Margarita , Villa Mirador and Sleeping Giant Lodge

Cayo Maya City ExpeditionIntensity – Moderate 

Two ancient Maya Cities located in Cayo Belize , Cahal Pech and Xunantunich where the one of the tallest man made structure in Belize “El Castillo” is located. Cayo Maya City Expedition is available from: Almond Beach, Jaguar Reef Lodge, Villa Margarita and Villa Mirador 

Stann Creek Zip Lining and Waterfall Rappel  Intensity -Moderate

Experience the Belize jungle from a birds I view from the longest zip line (2,200 ft) in Belize located near the Mayflower Maya mounds featuring a short rappel. Zip-lining and Waterfall Rappelling experience is available from: Almond Beach, Jaguar Reef Lodge, Villa Margarita and Villa Mirador 

Maya Chocolate Farm & Jaguar Preserve River TubingIntensity- Vigorous

This tour is a combination of touring the Jaguar Preserve then tubing , followed by a hike to the waterfall. After a swim visitors hike back up the steep trails then back to the lodge. Chocolate Farm and River Tubing tour is available from: Almond Beach, Jaguar Reef Lodge, Villa Margarita and Villa Mirador

ATM Cave ExpeditionIntensity – Vigorous

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) is one of the most amazing land adventures in Belize. A 45 minute hike through the jungle across three streams brings you to the entrance of the cave which is a 10 meter swim in waters of 5 meters deep. ATM Cave Expedition is available from: Almond Beach, Jaguar Reef Lodge, Villa Margarita , Villa Mirador and Sleeping Giant Lodge

Tikal Maya Ruin AdventureIntensity – Vigorous

Tikal is one of the most popular Maya ruin in Central America located approximately three hours away from the Belize/Guatemala boarder. A guide from Viva Belize will accompany you every step of the way on the one-day trip to ensure you get a full experience of the history and culture of the ancient Maya people. Tikal Maya Ruin Adventure is  available from: Belize Tree House and Sleeping Giant Lodge

Waterfall Cave Expedition Intensity -Extreme

This extreme adventure consists of climbing the waterfall through a cave and jumping off the waterfall into the below stream or being lowered back down by belay then a three Km hike through the jungle follows to the end. Waterfall  Cave Expedition is available from: Belize Tree House and Sleeping Giant Lodge

belize jungle toursSleeping Giant Nature Hike

Standard Tours Include:

All above are available from: Sleeping Giant Lodge 

All above are available from: Almond Beach, Jaguar Reef Lodge, Villa Margarita , Villa Mirador and Sleeping Giant Lodge

All above are available from: Almond Beach, Jaguar Reef Lodge, Villa Margarita and Villa Mirador 

Belize Adventure tours

ATM Cave

Top Restaurants for Dining in Placencia Belize

1981- Belizean Inspired Flavors

Naia Resort and Spa offers a selection of Placencia Belize restaurants. Its signature restaurant, “1981” is completely inspired by Belize, the name of the restaurant was derived from the year Belize obtained its independence in September 1981. The restaurant sources high quality local ingredients to offer guests a modern take on local cuisines. 1981 Belizean inspired flavors menu caters to all diets, from seasonal seafood and local meats to vegetarian options. The signature cocktail menu features a carefully curated wine list. Naia’s 1981 Restaurant is open to both guest and the public every evening for dinner between 6 pm and 9:30 pm.

Naia also has a Beach Bar and Grill opened to all everyday between 7 am to 6 pm with breakfast served between 7 am to 10 am.

Naia’s Reflection Spa Cafe is opened from Wednesday to Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm.

placencia belize restaurant

Coconut Curry & Ginger Lobster and Yam Puree 

placencia belize restaurant 1981 Restaurant 

placencia belize restaurantsSmoked Fish Dip and Cassava Biscuit

Here are three other Top restaurants in Placencia:


1. Maya Beach Hotel Bistro

Maya Beach Bistro is an award winning restaurant with top rating for dining in Placencia on Trip Advisor. The Bistro freshly bakes all its breads and pastries and carries and extensive wine list to accompany its diverse dining menu.

Placencia belize restaurants

2. Dawn’s Grill

Dawn’s Grill is a small local restaurant located in the heart of Placencia Village with top rating on Trip Advisor for authentic Belizean cuisines.

placencia belize restaurants `


3. Mojo Lounge & Bartique

In the heart of Placencia, popular for happy hour prices on great drinks and appetisers, Mojo Lounge has a diverse menu with local and international cuisines. Mojo Lounge and Bartique cosy atmosphere and fresh dishes keeps both locals and visitors coming back.

placencia belize restaurants

Belize Adventure Tours – from Placencia

Adventures with Naia

Certainly, Belize is home of the greatest adventures and if you are staying at Naia resort and spa, the excitement is not limited to Placencia. Naia has a wide range of tours for all ages, from sea and land to culture, the dedicated concierge team will arrange everything for you hassle free.

Some of the adventure tours offered at Naia Include:


  • Ziplining and Cave tubing
  • Bird Watch and Waterfalls
  • Hiking at the Jaguar Preserve
  • Manatee Watch
  • Kayaking and wildlife watchZiplining


  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Diving courses
  • Fly fishing
  • Spin Casting and troll fishing
  • Game fishingsea adventure



  • Barebones Tours – Day and Night Tours
  • Roam Belize – Day Tours
  • Monkey River Tour


  • Raguana Tropical Island Experience
  • ReefCI
  • Daytripper Catamaran Charters
  • Splash Dive Shop
  • Go Sea Tours


  • Taste of Belize Tours
  • Cayeguest Private Tours


ATM Caves



Belize – Your Next Conference or Meeting Destination

Belize is internationally known as an exotic vacation destination, but over the years have been growing in popularity among business travelers. Some international companies are looking for a safe, affordable and accessible country to host their next conference or retreat and because of its year-round great weather, fun tours and unique location, Belize often tops the list.

Belize is a short 2-hour flight from many major airports in the United States, and happens to have the only predominantly English speaking population in Central America. This makes setting up a meeting or conference quite easy for those looking for a venue in this area. Once you’ve decided on Belize as your location, the next step is to find a suitable venue that can accommodate your conference size and meet other requirements. Whether you want views of the pristine beach and azure Caribbean waters, or you want to be close to exciting jungle adventures, there are Belize meeting rooms that meet and exceed your conference needs.

Grand Caribe Belize Resort

Located on the biggest island in Belize, Grand Caribe is an impressive 5-star resort and coveted winner of multiple TripAdvisor awards. The Ambergris Caye resort offers posh accommodations, first class amenities and breath-taking oceanfront views making it one of the primer locations for a conference or meeting.Grand Caribe

The private condos provide all the facilities necessary to feel at home, including a full kitchen and queen size beds. The on-site full service restaurant, fitness center and multiple swimming pools are just some of the on-site amenities that will make your Belize meeting feel like a luxury vacation.

The state-of-the-art conference facility at Grand Caribe is nearly 1300 sq. feet and can comfortably accommodate up to 80 people. A dedicated concierge staff is always equipped and willing to handle any requests you might have. The space can be altered to suit the specific needs of your group whether you’re having a meeting, retreat, or social event. Moreover, with easy access to exciting diving, snorkeling and fishing adventures Grand Caribe Resort is an ideal choice for a Belize conference center.

Grand Caribe Conference Room

Grand Caribe meetings

San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Winner of both TripAdvisor Hotel and Restaurant of the Year awards in 2016, San Ignacio Resort Hotel is an exquisite luxury resort alongside the majestic Macal River. This sophisticated jungle hotel is centrally located in San Ignacio and is walking distance to the town. The unique flare of San Ignacio Resort Hotel coupled with exotic jungle views, lavish accommodations and top rated amenities make this resort a preferred choice for conferences and meetings.

san ignacio resort hotel

Inside you will find contemporary and Mediterranean style marble columns and floors, an exotic hardwood staircase and Baroque themed Lobby Bar. The resort hotel offers numerous luxury suites with either garden, hillside or rainforest views. All the rooms are decked out with local art and wood furnishings for an added Belizean touch. There is also an on-site restaurant & bar, spa and tennis court which all add to the appeal of having a conference or meeting hosted here.

Over 5,500 square feet of space is available in the Belize conference center at San Ignacio Resort Hotel. This space can be rearranged in any way you desire to suit the type of event you’re having. The outdoor pool and formal dining areas can also be utilized for events. Audio & video equipment and high speed internet are available as well to ensure that your meeting runs smoothly.

San Ignacio Meetings

Although these resorts are in different parts of the country, they both have Belize meeting rooms equipped with all the amenities you would need. With access to exceptional tours, comfortable accommodations and scenic views, both are a reminder that business travel does not always have to be tiresome and mundane. Choosing either of these two amazing Belize conference centers can make travelling for business turn out to be an unexpected vacation.

Facebook Marketplace – Can It Work For You?

Facebook Marketplace in Belize

We have done some research and we believe that Facebook marketplace can be additionally used for promotions. Facebook marketplace is ideally used to buy and sell items locally but can also be effective in promoting all-inclusive deals and resort packages to Belizeans and people visiting Belize.

Examples of promotions can include:

1. Seasonal Packages (i.e. Valentine Couple’s Retreat including Spa specials, etc.)
2. Tours or Spa (i.e. ATM Cave, Ziplining, 2 for 1 Couples Massage, etc.)
3. Vacation Offers (e.g. 10% off Room Accommodations in May, etc.)

Below are some example of similar promotions being offered in Facebook Marketplace locally related to tourism.

Garifuna Cultural Immersion , Hopkins Village

Facebook marketplace ad2


Excursion to Mahuhual Mexico

Facebook Marketplace ad


Garifuna Culinary Tour

Facebook marketplace ad1

This post is primarily related to tourism but Facebook Marketplace could be used for any product or service that you have available.
If you are interested in dicussing this more please feel free to contact us.

Belize Luxury Spas

Belize comprises a wide array of luxury hotels and resorts to escape and unwind in paradise. From white sand beaches and turquoise seas to lush dense green forests surrounded by flora and fauna – Belize is the dream getaway to forget all your plights. However, not all our hotels and resorts carry a luxury spa capable of cleansing all your stress. Here are a few Luxury Spas found in some of the top resorts in Belize.


San Ignacio’s luxury Belize Spa offers a series of healthy and rejuvenating treatments to choose from, defined to leave you relaxed and invigorated from head to toe. Here are the Spa treatments available :


Aromatherapy Massage

This 60-minute Holistic treatments using aromatherapy is therapeutic for your mind, body and soul. At San Ignacio Belize Spa you are given the option to choose which essential oil is best suited to accommodate your massage. Combining the power of oil with powerful massage techniques, you will experience a deep sate of relaxation and invigoration.

Swedish Full Body Massage

This soothing 60-minute massage is designed to relax all your tired muscles. The Masseuse at San Ignacio use special techniques which focuses on improving circulation and flexibility, easing muscle aches and tension ultimately creating complete relaxation.

SPA Facial Treatment

San Ignacio Belize Spa carries out four distinct facial treatment to ensure that all clients can be pampered according to their needs. These treatments are listed below:

  • Acne Treatment
  • Calming/Soothing Mask for Sensitive Skin
  • Collagen Mask
  • Firming Rejuvenating Mask

The San Ignacio Belize Spa has many organic based cleansers to gently restore and refresh your face, preserving your natural beauty. Listed below are the options to choose from:

Natural Facial Cleansers

  • Avocado – Olive Oil Cleanser
  • Banana Mash Mask
  • Buttermilk Honey Cleanser
  • Cucumber Mask
  • Carrot Mask
  • Honey Almond Scrub
  • Lifting Honey Mask

Other Spa treatments include:





Butterflies Spa in Hopkins

Facing a flower-filled courtyard, a few yards away from the infinity pool and beach, the Butterflies Spa is a serene haven by the sea perfect for ultimate relaxation. The Butterflies Spa at Jaguar Reef is the only full-service spa in Hopkins Village, which offers a wide range of treatments designed to transform each guest body, spirit and mind. For optimal relaxation enjoy and entire “Spa Day” or choose from the many treatments listed below:

Massage Treatments include:

  • Signature Massage: 60 or 30 Minutes
  • Aromatherapy Massage: 60 or 30 Minutes
  • Dock Massage: 60 or 30 Minutes
  • Hot Stone Massage: 75 Minutes
  • Romantic Couples Massage: 90 Minutes
  • Duet Massage: 60 Minutes
  • Jetlag Defrag: 30 Minutes
  • Hot Stone Foot Massage: 30 Minutes
  • Prenatal Massage: 60 Minutes
  • Warm Chocolate Massage

Scrubs and Polishes

  • Zen Garden Body Polish
  • Pineapple Coconut Sugar Scrub
  • Warm Honey Body Wrap


  • Butterflies Signature
  • Belize Soothing Sun Facial
  • Anti-Aging Facial
  • Gentleman’s Facial


  • Foot Bath
  • Full Body Soak: Single or Couple
  • Nail Care
  • Classic Manicure
  • Butterflies Signature Manicure
  • Classic Pedicure
  • Butterflies Signature Pedicure

Hair care Services:

  • Blow dry and styled
  • Reconditioning
  • Braiding
  • Up Style

Butterflies Spa Hopkins


Naia Resort and Spa

Naia Spa


Naia Spa is a hidden sanctuary on the Placencia peninsula dedicated to providing its guests with a definitive self-care and healing experience. Naia spa includes a Spa Reception and Spa Café, Salt water Pool, five over-the-water individual treatment suites plus, couple’s private island suite, a fully equipped Fitness Center and a beautifully designed Yoga and Movement Studio.

The Spa has adopted traditional treatments and therapies creating unique versions of signature massage techniques with a Naia style. These spa treatments include:

Body Massages

  • Deep Therapy Massage
  • Primeval Salt Stone
  • Deep Treasure
  • Timeless
  • Native Essence
  • Soothing Sole

Facial Treatment

  • Clearly Citrus
  • The Naia Man
  • Tropical Restoration
  • Ancient Traditions
  • Vitamin Sea
  • Succulent Sun

Body Treatments

  • Coffee & Seaweed Cellulite Reduction
  • Mayan Cacao & Spice Wrap
  • Coastal Breeze Wrap
  • Sweet Coconut Scrub

Naia Signature Experience

  • Mystic Light
  • Sun Quenched Clay

Couple Rites

You and your loved one can enjoy any of Naia’s many treatments in the intimate couple’s suite tucked away on its own island for a romantic and relaxing experience.

Nail Care

  • Floating Flower Manicure
  • Floating Flower Pedicure
  • Nourishing Essential Manicure
  • Nourishing Essential Pedicure
  • Pretty Polish
  • French Polish

Naia Spa Sanctuary Self Discovery Packages

  • Adventure Rejuvenation
  • Botanical Delight
  • Honoring the Ancients
  • Instinctive Senses

Couples Retreat Packages

  • Passage to Paradise
  • Tranquil Escape
  • Island of Reconnection

Naia Spa Deck

Naia Spa

Belize Destination Wedding

Belize is the ideal getaway to say, “I do”. With tropical terrains and climate, you can choose from our many romantic resorts to host your dream wedding. Our relaxing atmosphere will help facilitate all your wedding desires and make planning your wedding “stress free”. Marriages in Belize are recognized globally. Here are the simple requirements of getting wed in Belize.

  1. Marriage licenses can be obtained through the Registrar General’s office in Belize City (Tel: 501-227-7377) or the Attorney General’s Office in Belmopan (Tel: 501-822-2504). One day’s notice is required before you apply at the Attorney General’s Ministry. The cost is US$250 per couple if one or both parties are in Belize only one day prior to applying for a license. The cost is reduced to US$100 if parties are in Belize for three days or more prior to applying for a license.
  2. The couple must provide valid passports with date of entry stamps.
  3. Proof of citizenship is required by presenting original birth certificates or valid passports.
  4. Proof of divorce, if applicable (an original or certified copy of your divorce certificate), or a certified copy of decree or death certificate if applicable must be submitted with the license application.
  5. If you’re over 18 years of age, you don’t need a blood test or parental consent.
  6. Two witnesses (male and female) are required to be present at the ceremony.

A marriage license can be picked up one or two days after it is approved and must be signed by a Justice of the Peace.

Organizing your wedding in Belize is much easier when you work with a resort that has a great deal of wedding experience. They can often arrange everything for you and, since they are familiar with all the local requirements, can ensure that everything goes well on your special day. Some of the best resorts to have your wedding are listed below.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel

At the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, their wedding planners can organize all your wedding wishes from yes to “I do”. Their catering department will work hand in hand with you to create an exquisite menu for your dream wedding. They offer the options of an outdoor poolside ceremony and reception or dining inside with your guests while still having access to a wonderful view of San Ignacio.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel Weddings

Xanadu Island Resort

Xanadu Island Resort in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, offers several wedding and honeymoon packages ideal for your dream destination wedding. Their white sand beach and tropical garden are perfect for a romantic ceremony and reception, for your dream island wedding.

Xanadu Beach Wedding

Ray Caye Resort

Ray Caye Resort located 17 miles off the coast of Placencia, has several romantic wedding packages to choose from including their whole island rental making it the prime destination wedding location. The staff at Ray Caye will be there for you every step of the way to see all your dream wedding wishes come true.

Destination Wedding Hatchet Caye


Naia Resort and Spa located on the Placencia peninsula can make all your dream wedding desires a reality. Whether be it a beach front or poolside ceremony even an indoor reception, Naia will master your destination wedding. The secluded setting at Naia Resort and Spa is the ideal location for an intimate and romantic wedding.

Naia Resort and Spa Wedding Destination

Belmopan City Council – The Offices and Location

If you happen to live in Belmopan then understanding where the Belmopan City Council is located and what offices or departments exist is very important.

In terms of location, the Belmopan City Council it is located at 36/38 Trinity Blvd near Independence Park.  It is within Ring Road and can best be seen in Google maps.

The Belmopan City Council have many offices.  The office are shown in the picture below.

You can see a list of the office in the image above but we also include information below about those offices as well.

  1. Reception – For general inquiries
  2. Administration and Human Resource – Personal inquiries and appointments. This department can be contacted through the reception office.
  3. Accounts Department – Disbursement of payments
  4. Cashier – Collection of payments here
  5. Revenue Department – Information and bills on property tax, liquor license, garbage fees & market rentals.  See reception to contact this department.
  6. Valuation Department – Land transfers and building applications
  7. Municipal Managers Office – Garbage and debris collection, septic disposal and bushy lots.
  8. Sanitation Directors Office – Administrative matters and sanitation projects.
  9. Public Relations and Events – Booking of City Council facilities and events
  10. Engineering Department – Roads, drainage and bridges
  11. Local Economic Development Department, Business Support Desk – Public Private Partnerships, general assistance to businesses
  12. Office of the Transport Manager – Administrative matters and transport wardens
  13. Transport Department – Motor vehicle registration, licensing, transfers and driver’s license.

If you need to contact any of these offices it is probably easiest to just call the Belmopan City Council’s general office number – 501-822-2271 or 501-822-2319 – and ask for the department that you need to contact or you can visit their website for additional information.


Belize Vacation Packages

Belize, featured as one of Fodor’s Go List 2018, not only offers summer-like weather all year, but also offers several convenient vacation packages at well-known and most visited resorts around the country. Packages vary depending on the resorts and for some can be customized to suit your vacation needs and interest. The option for an inland or island vacation package is yours to choose. Here are three Resorts located at different top tourist destinations in Belize to get you started on your Belize vacation.

Adventure into inland western Belize at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel

The San Ignacio Resort Hotel located within a 17- acre private estate in the Cayo district offers you the only jungle in town! This premier full-service boutique features luxury accommodations, the award-winning Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant and several onsite activities, including the Green Iguana Conservation Project. The San Ignacio Resort Hotel offers several all-inclusive packages that include accommodations, meals and adventure tours to some of Belize’s best attractions.

san ignacio resort hotel

Explore the southern coast of Belize at Naia Resort and Spa

Naia Resort and Spa nestled within a private 200-acre reserve on the Placencia Peninsula offers a luxury beachfront retreat that features an onsite signature restaurant, spa café and beach bar and grill. The highlight of this beach resort is the relaxing hidden sanctuary that is Naia Spa as well as a fully-equipped fitness center and beautifully designed Yoga and Movement Studio. Naia Resort also offers convenient Belize vacation packages that include accommodations, meals and transfers.

naia resort and spa

Journey to a Belize private island at Ray Caye Resort

Ray Caye is a private island resort located just 17 miles from Placencia offering comfortable island accommodations and exciting adventure tours to some of Belize’s top diving and snorkeling sites. With only limited number of guest on the island at a time, it is easy to play, explore and relax on this private island. Ray Caye Resort offers several vacation packages from wedding and honeymoon packages to diving and fishing adventure packages, as well as a whole island rental package for guests looking to have the island to themselves for a private function or retreat.

hatchet caye resort

With so much option for Belize vacation packages the hardest part of planning your Belize vacation is deciding where to visit first.