Facebook Marketplace – Can It Work For You?

Facebook Marketplace in Belize

We have done some research and we believe that Facebook marketplace can be additionally used for promotions. Facebook marketplace is ideally used to buy and sell items locally but can also be effective in promoting all-inclusive deals and resort packages to Belizeans and people visiting Belize.

Examples of promotions can include:

1. Seasonal Packages (i.e. Valentine Couple’s Retreat including Spa specials, etc.)
2. Tours or Spa (i.e. ATM Cave, Ziplining, 2 for 1 Couples Massage, etc.)
3. Vacation Offers (e.g. 10% off Room Accommodations in May, etc.)

Below are some example of similar promotions being offered in Facebook Marketplace locally related to tourism.

Garifuna Cultural Immersion , Hopkins Village

Facebook marketplace ad2

Excursion to Mahuhual Mexico

Facebook Marketplace ad

Garifuna Culinary Tour

Facebook marketplace ad1

This post is primarily related to tourism but Facebook Marketplace could be used for any product or service that you have available.
If you are interested in discussing this more please feel free to contact us.